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How does it work?

There are just a few easy steps from applying for your provisional driving license to passing your driving test and becoming a full licence holder:
  • We give pupils access to Theory Test Pro, everything you need for your theory test.
  • We give pupils an online Driving Course to study and prepare before their lessons (our online Driving Course is available – this is a work in progress, keep checking back to see what is new).
  • We offer lessons seven days a week.
  • We offer the use of the training car for driving tests following our online course and behind the wheel training.
  • Drive different routes that include everything that you will encounter on your driving test.
  • We help nervous drivers combat their nerves and enable them to use the tools that they have learnt to deal with any situation safely and confidently.

Lesson prices

This course provides the pupil with all the subjects and skills needed to pass your driving test.

Courses available
  • Theory test practice.
  • Driving course subjects.
  • Behind the wheel driving lessons.
  • Town and City driving in Glasgow.
  • Motorway driving.

Course overview

You can start and finish from a location of your choice, whether from home, work or school for all behind the wheel driving lessons. You the pupil can choose from one of the following driving lessons once you have had your first hour lesson FREE:

1 hour – £30.00.

1 ½ hour – £45.00.

2 hour – £59.00 (save £1.00).

Block of 5 – £145.00 (save £5.00).

Block of 10 – £280.00 (save £20.00).

All subjects are covered and you can study these under our FREE online Driving Course.

The DVSA recommends on average for pupils to pass the test they will have had a minimum 45 hours of driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor and 22 hours of additional private practice, 67 hours minimum. So if you are properly prepared you are more likely to achieve a pass.

Are you ready?

Once you are booked in details on how to enroll to our online Driving Course will be sent to you. Access to our online driving course is only available to pupils taking driving lessons with us.

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