Data protection

Our GDPR privacy policy is information on how I obtain and store your personal information and how it will be used, how it might be shared and how long it will be kept for. By taking lessons with me you automatically consent and agree to me holding your personal information.

Personal information

I will hold your name, address, email address, telephone number(s), date of birth, a photograph of both sides of your provisional driving licence, driving licence number, records of your driving progress, medical conditions that may affect your driving, theory and driving test dates details so that:

  • I can provide my services as a driving instructor to be able to contact you or find you or give you access to the online courses that I provide until my services are no longer required by you or you have become a full license holder. This information will be recorded in a paper based pupil record system and stored on a secure folder on my computer.
  • I know that you are medically fit and able to perform any driving task safely.
  • I can book either a Theory or Driving Test on your behalf if required.
  • I can maintain accurate account records as is legally required of me for a period of 6 years.

Business accounts

As a sole trader I am legally required to maintain and keep accurate account records for 6 years. For me to be able to do this I will need to keep written and secure digital records of all payments made, lesson appointments booked and lessons delivered. This information will be held in my paper based pupil record system, my lesson diary, and a secure folder on my computer. After this time I will destroy any information I hold about you.

Learning records

I will hold records of your learning progress in my pupil record system to help us both know where you are in the Driving Course, this will include practical driving mock tests and actual driving test failures and passes, noting where the driving faults occurred on your test report in my paper based pupil record system. This will allow me to monitor my own personal development, I can then pass any required changes in my training to help future pupils.

Social media

With your consent upon passing your driving test and obtaining your full licence I would like to take a photograph of you for the purposes of promoting my business as a driving instructor and for the promotion of my school as a whole on various secure digital platforms and written media with your expressed permission. Please note on social media I can not prevent the photograph and review from being shared or copied by others but I would quickly delete all copies on all platforms under my control if you so request.

An invitation will be sent out for you to leave me a review on various secure digital platforms again this will promote my driving school to future pupils and will be greatly appreciated.

In the tuition car

The tuition car is fitted with a forward facing dashcam and also a rear facing camera. No images are recorded inside the tuition car but sound is recorded, including in-car speech. Files are continuously overwritten unless saved. If I save a clip during the lesson, for example, to be used as a training aid, I will discuss this with you as to why it was necessary. The clip will be saved without sound unless the sound on the clip is important to the relevance of what was happening.


If you want to make a complaint about the way I have processed or used your personal information, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office ICO, as the statutory body in the UK which oversees data protection law, by visiting