About me

Hi my name is Lovat Barrett, I am a fully qualified Government Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and I am passionate about road safety. I thought of starting my journey to becoming a driving instructor when my children turned 17 and wanted me to teach them to drive. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and there was nothing more fulfilling than seeing my children, and now my pupils pass their driving tests.

I started my training to becoming an ADI in May 2018. I wasn’t sure how the journey was going to be, once I got into studying the theory side for my Part 1 test I realised just how much had changed or I had even forgotten over the years. I would recommend once you have achieved your full driving licence that you continue to keep up to date with all the changes that will happen over the years. Next up was my Part 2, the driving side. I was confident in my ability to be able to pass the driving test, but with the closest driving test centre being in Anniesland, an area that I did not know very well, this helped me to gain more confidence in my ability to drive in areas that I was not familiar with. There have also been changes to the driving test over the years, most noticeably in the manouevres. The reverse to the left and right and the turn in the road are no longer tested, but are still useful manouevres to learn as you never know when you will need to use them. Finally it was on to the Part 3 side of the qualification, this was where the real fun and new challenges began. Lots of route planning, books to read and then putting it all into practice giving lessons to pupils. I finally became an ADI in July 2019 and I have really enjoyed the journey. I would like to thank my pupils that trained with me while I was training and without them this would not have been possible for me, they have all gone on to be full licence holders and are thoroughly enjoying their driving and the freedom it gives them.

Now that I am qualified I am always looking for new ways to help pupils to learn and combat their nerves, so I will always be continuing my CPD throughout my career as an ADI.